Thursday, August 10, 2006

Going Going by Naomi Shiab Nye

Going Going by Naomi Shihab Nye

Florrie enjoys the streets of San Antonio. She loves the restaurants, the cultural flavor, the funky and the old shops and restaurants that make it distinct, especially her mother’s restaurant, El Viento. Others know Florrie as being “a little different” in part because she is unafraid to speak her mind. When she realizes that all of those independent places that she loves are being destroyed by large chains; her passion is ignited. As she says “once you find out what you care about in life, you have No Choice. You have to work for it.” On her 16th birthday she initiates a campaign. With an eclectic mix of friends and family, she embarks on her mission to save the independent places of her beloved town. Lovers of independent bookstores will love this book. (as well as lovers of Stargirl and Larry of The Gospel According to Larry and Vote for Larry)


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